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Digital Postcards, Videos, and Books (oh, my)

I’m sharing below a few pics of the story-collection videos, postcards  and digital book now exhibited in Gdansk in the Telling the Baltic Exhibition at the Gdansk Science and Technology Park. They document some of our story-collection methods for the exhibition.

The videos, shown on a large screen on the wall can be accessed by a touch-screen interface, and users who want to watch and listen can choose from the menu. Exhibition designer Marek Zygmunt also created the video display. The display includes a number of video interviews and documentations of the stories collected around the Baltic as part of the exhibit. Included also are videos of our ferry interviews (Stena Line and Aspö), as well as documentation of the (s)AND project. Martin Arvebro, videographer, and I worked together on concepts for these videos, and he has produced some evocative work and excellent documentation of our process.

There is also a digital “book” in the exhibit that users can interact with, and it contains text fragments of Baltic stories collected for the exhibition (transcripts of interviews from Russia, Poland, Germany, and Lithuania), translated in multiple languages, as well as photos and images from our inspirations in Sweden that my collaborators and I have gathered. These include photos from the Blekinge Museum archives, collected by curator Karin Nilsson, with whom I worked to make a selection, and photos taken by myself and Ida Gustavsson for the (s)AND project. Ida’s  images of the landscapes are breathtaking. Many of these images are also included in digital form online on a YouTube channel, as “video postcards” designed by Martin Arvebro from Ida’s images, where viewers can leave comments and tell their stories. We are using them in print form in the museum, on board the Stena Line ferry between Karlskrona and Gdynia, and in the exhibition sites to inspire others to write texts and stories that will be remixed in the (s)AND work and displayed as part of the Digital Performance Festival I am coordinating in late spring or early fall 2013.

An excerpt from my prose-poem “Pangaea Drifting” or “after a period of prolonged suffering, for Gordon” is also included in the book. I have written of the context for this piece in an earlier blog post, and a text excerpt is available there. I am very pleased to see the work in a new context in the gallery space. It made me stop and think of Gordon and our journey together. Drifting is hard.

It was exciting though to watch visitors sit at the display and access the stories, images, and videos and even provide new input by writing on the postcards. Content-gathering. That’s what I’m talkin’ about…

Here is a brief slideshow of media–taken with a rather low-quality camera, but you can still “get the picture” so to speak:

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