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Ahoy! Remaking Moby-Dick is now in print!

Book cover

The Book Cover: itself a remaking submission

After our screening of the video submissions for the Remaking Moby-Dick project, Trish Harris (project curator) and I continued to accept more literary submissions from which we made a selection and collected together in a print volume, with QR-code links to other video and audio remakings. We even included contributions from more playful non-human poetry generators. It’s a truly inspiring collection of reflections with Melville’s Moby-Dick as an inspirational muse, and the breadth and talent of the contributors is astounding; from authors with multiple books of poetry and fiction, to academics with a love of media and literature, to musicians, photographers and fine artists, they all came aboard and made our project an enormous success. You can view the remaking blog for a list of contributors and links to find the full text, available online via Lulu and Amazon. Remaking Moby-Dick was published jointly by Art Line and the Pea River Journal.


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