The Art Line Catalogue: A Baltic Collaboration is now available!

baltic sea

The Baltic Sea (catalogue still)

The Art Line Catalogue: A Baltic Collaboration collects together a series of essays from artists, researchers, and culture workers to document the scope of the 3 ½ year-long EU project focussed on innovative art cooperation in the Southern Baltic region. And it is beautiful! It is available in print, in a pdf version, and also in a lovely digitally-rendered version that encapsulates the spirit of water and flow between the voices and materials of our Baltic adventure. Looking back over the projects, it is clear to see why Art Line was selected by The European Commission as a flagship project and why it is now a part of the Action Plan for the Baltic Sea Strategy. It’s hard to believe so much was accomplished by so many in such a relatively short time. And it’s astounding to see the level of talent among the artists, curators, researchers, and others who worked in the various projects. As one of our contributors, Chris Torch from Intercult writes, “If you are in the least interested in contemporary art in the context of public space, digital media, storytelling and/or new technology, this is for you! “ I also have contributed 2 essays to the volume, focused on developing a sustainable “digital art platform” and on the Telling the Baltic project, where I served as a project coordinator, contributer, and researcher. Visit the Art Line Catalogue Website to access the catalogue in its various iterations: either via map, gallery, and/or downloadable full pdf. Print copies may be available on request.


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