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#mixitupfest news

artline_digfest_posterAs a researcher in Digital Culture with a particular interest in mixed reality (MR) performance, that is the integration of physical and mediated spaces that engage/support/create active and dynamic sites and interfaces between them, I am very pleased to be organizing a festival in May 2013 to explore the theme in more depth. The Mixing Realities Digital Performance Festival (or#MIXITUPFEST) is a result of my involvement in the Digital Art Platform Initiative in Art Line which intends to research innovation in art and media, with a particular focus (for me) on emergent media forms and types with performative dimensions. Interactive installations, hybrid live and mediated performances, augmented reality (AR) tools and experiences, as well as  social and  locative media are just some of the ways in which one can study the increasingly (e)merged contexts within contemporary media culture. As media types and forms entangle within emerging media outlets, “lived” human experiences, and other phenomena, understanding the boundaries and aesthetics and expressive properties of these  assemblages and formulations is critical. Our festival will explore some of these questions in practical and theoretical ways though a one-day seminar and workshop on AR/MR, interactive installations, hybrid live and media performances, a collaborative reading of Melville’s Moby Dick (The Moby Reading Marathon) held live and online with participants from around the world, and demonstrations and discussions of locative, social, and media interventions in public spaces. A public screening of the Remaking Moby-Dick Project video will also be included at the Blekinge Museum for the festival. More about the festival is available on the Art Line website, as well as on the ReMaking Moby and Moby Marathon Reading blogs. I’m honoured and excited to be coordinating this exciting line-up of artists and researchers, and also happy to showcase some of my own recent projects. #MIXITUPFEST ftw!


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