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Designing Digital Heritage: A Seminar for Network Building

neptun submarine

A technician inside the torpedo tube of the Neptun Submarine (Marinmuseum, Karlskrona). I am currently working with collaborators to create an Augmented Reality experience for visitors inside the submarine to enhance their exhibition experience. But we have other ways to gain entry… (photo credit: Erling Klintefors, Marinmuseum)

I recently received funding (with my colleague Lupita Alvarez) from my university (The University of Skövde) to help establish an International network for educational programs and research about cultural heritage and game technologies. Increasingly digital technologies are incorporated within museums and cultural heritage sites to enhance visitor experiences beyond traditional exhibition design. Our goal is to explore ways that we can build resources and explore interdisciplinary pedagogical strategies and support avenues for research, from undergraduate education through senior research projects, to critically engage in the development of digitally-enhanced cultural heritage experiences.

Digital Heritage Seminar Poster

Seminar Poster

To this end, we begin in the fall 2014 with a seminar called “Designing Digital Heritage” hosted by my university and organised by Lupita and I. We have invited professionals in a variety of related fields who will come together to consider how we can strategically align existing curricula at our institutions, find venues for exploration, and develop methods and modes, tools and technologies, and user-experiences to enrich our connections to history and culture.  The aim of this seminar is to provide a first-stage platform for developing an network comprised of cultural heritage and museum specialists, curators, exhibition designers, technology application designers, digital media and game design researchers, and others in related culture media industries to explore opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. It’s an exciting line-up, with keynote speaker Prof. Jay David Bolter from Georgia Institute of Technology and others from academia and industry, and I look forward to presentations and discussions and brainstorming workshops. More information is available on the seminar website and more activities will be forthcoming. (Download seminar poster as a pdf: Digital Heritage Seminar Poster)


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Back to (new) School!

Univ LogoI am excited to announce my new affiliation as a Biträdande Professor in Media Arts, Aesthetics, and Narration at the University of Skövde. After nearly ten years working within digital culture at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, it was certainly time for a change. I have found a new platform to extend my interests in emerging digital culture and media forms by focusing more precisely on computer game development and innovation, and the related artistic and expressive means by which they engage our material culture. To that end I have joined the School of Informatics and the Media, Technology and Culture Research Group (MTEC). I will be teaching within undergraduate and graduate courses focused on game narratives, image analysis, digital aesthetics, and media theory and production. My main focus in the immediate future will be on digital cultural heritage and the ways in which game technologies, tactile media, and strategies of playful engagement and storytelling can enhance user experience.

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